At Sarnia ASW we pride ourselves in our commitment to developing the sport of track and field and providing the support and means for athletes who have talent and interest in the sport to grow into the best athletes they can be. We have several programs for athletes of all abilities, from youth development to elite performance. 



Our development program is for athletes in high school, or post secondary looking to further develop their abilities outside of the short school season. We offer access to world-class coaching with many opportunities for one-on-one athlete-coach interaction. 

Please also realize that this is a club for athletes wishing to advance their abilities and overall fitness levels after already proving to be successful at the elementary and especially the high school levels.  We are looking for dedicated athletes who will be able to attend all practices and meets without any  conflict from other sporting activities or external commitments. While at practice and in competition we  are looking for very respectful athletes who demonstrate a strict and complete effort at all times.


Practices are run through out the year, and while practices will run most days, athletes should be prepared to attend at least three practices per week. Time and location may vary dependent on season and weather. Please ensure you are aware of your specific event group practice schedule:


Speed/Power: All practices will be held at SCITS unless otherwise specified. 

Sprints/Hurdles/Jumps:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 3pm
Throws:                          Tuesday and Thursday @ 3pm, Sunday from 2pm to 4pm


Workout:     Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 3pm from SCITS
Strength:      Tuesday, Thursday @ 3pm from SCITS
Long Run:    Sunday @ 9am from Canatara


Speed/Power: All practices will be held at Sarnia Central Athletic Facility unless otherwise specified.

Until June 29

Sprints/Hurdles/Jumps:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 3pm
Throws:                          Monday, Tuesday and Thursday @ 3pm

After June 29

Sprints/Hurdles/Jumps:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 9am
Throws:                          Monday, Tuesday and Thursday @ 9am

Distance: All practices will be held at Sarnia Central Athletic Facility unless otherwise specified.

Until June 29:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 3pm

After June 29: Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 9am


Due to the changing weather, we will try to be outside as long as we can, however, Coaches will dictate practice location as winter moves in. 

Speed/Power: Practices will start outdoors at Sarnia Central, moving indoors to SCITS.

Sprints/Hurdles/Jumps:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 3pm
Throws:                          Tuesday and Thursday @ 3pm, Sunday from 2pm to 4pm


Workout:    Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 3pm at Canatara
Strength:     Tuesday, Thursday @ 3pm from Sarnia Central / SCITS
Long Run:   Sunday @ 9am from Canatara

Learn more about the coaches who will be running the programs here


Our elite program is specifically geared towards athletes looking to make their mark on the national and international stage. Through our many connections we are able to cater to each athlete's specific needs - the highest levels of coaching on the planet, access to the best recovery and healthcare professionals, expert nutrition planning, IAAF international meet entries and much more. 

Membership and Fee Breakdown

Membership as a registered athlete with the Sarnia ASW Club shall be given to any person who has attained the age of five (5) years during their first year of membership. Non-competitive membership shall be automatically extended to any parent or guardian of a registered athlete. 

Seasonal membership fee for Sarnia ASW is $350 plus the Athletics Ontario registration fee. The Athletics Ontario Fee varies based on the age of the athlete. Athletics Ontario fee schedule can be found here


All memberships include meet entry, access to facilities and equipment and access to individualized training programs from certified coaches. Athletes will be required to provide their own transportation to and from competitions and practices as well as accommodations unless otherwise arranged. 

No athlete will be denied membership because of financial hardship. Sarnia ASW strives to give all athletes who are interested in the sport of athletics a chance to grow and develop. This will be decided at the discretion of the Executive Committee; the athlete may arrange an alternate method of payment such as incremental payments, or covenant with the Sarnia ASW to the rising of his or her membership by way of fund raising. 



*All forms must be filled out and returned to the club in order to compete.


Questions about our club and the programs we offer? Please contact us!