Name: Justin Porteous

Year of Birth: November 22nd, 2001

Sarnia ASW Club Member Since: 2017

School: L.C.C.V.I

Graduation Date: 2019

Events and Personal Bests: High jump – 1.80cm, Triple jump – 11.38cm, Long jump – 5.01cm

Major Achievements: Winning SWOSSA two years in a row for high jump (in High School).

Why did you start participating in Track and Field?: High jump looked fun.  I’ve been doing it since I could and I have always been athletic.

To what do you attribute your improvements in the sport?: To myself for being more active and healthy, and improve my track and field skills greatly.

What is the highlight of your athletic career?: Being the best jumper in all ages at my school and having the opportunities to make it to OFSAA.

Future Goals: To medal in OFSSA and possibly extend my track and field experience post High School.

Plans after you finish competing in track and field: To go to school and hopefully never stop competing in track and field.

Inspirational Quote: “Push yourself to the limit, and then some.”