Name: Breanna Pretty

Year of Birth: 2000

Sarnia ASW Club Member Since: 2017

School: St. Patrick’s

Graduation Date: 2018

Events and Personal Bests: Triple Jump – 11.06m, High Jump – 1.53m, Long Jump – 5.06m

Major Achievements: 6th at OFSAA for Triple Jump, invited to Junior Nationals for basketball, and basketball team ranked 2nd in Ontario.

Why did you start participating in Track and Field?: Because I was always a good runner/jumper in my other sports.

To what do you attribute your improvements in the sport?: My other two sports (soccer and basketball) really help me to train and get better.

What is the highlight of your athletic career?: Almost making it to OFSAA in Grade 9 and getting 6th at OFSAA in Grade 10.

Future Goals: To get a scholarship in either track or basketball, to make it to OFSAA next year, to make it to Ontario Championships this summer.

Plans after you finish competing in track and field: To go to school and continue one of my sports.

Inspirational Quote: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”